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4th Floor Courthouse
Fort Dodge, IA 50501
Phone: 515-574-3761
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Email: mis@webstercountyia.org

Geographic Information Systems

On June 18, 1996, Webster County entered into a contract with The Sidwell Company to create a digital, cadastral based Geographic Information System (GIS).  The digital cadastral maps include but are not limited to the following features: township, section, water, parcel, right of way, lot, subdivision, survey, and corporate limits.  The GIS cadastral data is the official plat for the Webster County Assessor's office.  Staff in the Assessor's office assists the GIS Specialist by making changes to the digital cadastral map when parcels are divided or subdivisions created.

Digital orthophotos were used as a base for the GIS.  Digital orthophotos are aerial photographs where distortions from camera tilt and ground relief has been removed.  The photos were taken in the spring of 1997.  The County received low resolution (two foot pixel size) photos for the entire county and high resolution (1/2 foot pixel size) photos for the cities and developed portions of the County.

The following maps were prepared for Webster County and are available for viewing or downloading.

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