Webster County




Budget & Financial Reports
Budget and Financial Reports are available from the Iowa Department of Management by clicking the link below.
Iowa Department of Management
FY2017 Financial Report
FY2016 Financial Report
Property Tax Reports
Levy Report-Assessed 2011 Payable 2012-2013
Levy Report-Assessed 2010 Payable 2011-2012
Levy Report-Assessed 2009 Payable 2010-2011
Levy Report-Assessed 2008 Payable 2009-2010
Levy Report-Assessed 2007 Payable 2008-2009
Levy Report-Assessed 2006 Payable 2007-2008
Levy Report-Assessed 2005 Payable 2006-2007
Webster County Ordinances
County Ordinances pdf file


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