Will, Randy  
Randy Will, P.E. & P.L.S.
County Engineer
 Jamie Johll, P.E.
Assistant County Engineer 
Ryan Weidemann, P.E. & L.S.
Assistant to the County Engineer
Brian Henderson, P.E.
Assistant to the County Engineer 
Angie Schliske
Office Manager
 Dale Anderson
District 1 Foreman
 Dale Iles
District 2 Foreman
Jesse Becker
Maintenance Shop Foreman  
District 1   District 2  
Fort Dodge Central Shed 
2006 Racine Ave

Mike Schreiber, Class C Equipment Operator
Clare Shed
1676 Fairbanks Ave

Tom Walsh, Class A Equipment Operator 
  John Winninger, Class A Equipment Operator   Scott Estergaard, Class C Equipment Operator
  Randy Wood, Class C Equipment Operator   Nic Lentsch, Class C Equipment Operator
  Tim Vannoni, Class A Equipment Operator     Brad Spencer, Class C Equipment Operator 
  Mason Jorgensen, Class A Equipment Operator   Jake Condon, Class A Equipment Operator 
Lehigh Shed
500 Black Diamond Rd  

Brett Mentzer, Class B Equipment Operator
Gowrie Shed
815 4th Street

Jacob Stewart, Class C Equipment Operator 
  Daymon Peterson, Class C Equipment Operator   Randy Hofbauer, Class A Equipment Operator
  Jeff Heun, Class A Equipment Operator    Chad Hicks, Class C Equipment Operator  
  Bob Lauer, Class B Equipment Operator    Rod Warehime, Class A Equipment Operator 
  Curt Davis, Class C Equipment Operator     Steve Will, Class A Equipment Operator
Badger Shed
1195 Samson Ave

Nick Bailey, Class A Equipment Operator
Otho Shed
1950 225th Street

Dan Hofbauer, Class A Equipment Operator
  Jacob Mohr, Class A Equipment Operator    Rick Junkman, Class B Equipment Operator 
  Luke Hubbell, Class C Equipment Operator    Justin Deal, Class C Equipment Operator 
      Mark Lara, Class B Equipment Operator 
Dayton Shed
201 South Main 

Duane Heun, Class A Equipment Operator
  Dean Peterson, Class C Equipment Operator 
  Joe Gregory, Class C Equipment Operator   Maintenance Shop
1950 225th Street
 Sonya Nickelson, Purchasing Agent
       LaDon Sams, Welder/Fabricator
Harcourt Shed 
109 1st Street

Trevor Itzen, Class C Equipment Operator
   Tony Cloud, Mechanic
    Sign Shop
1950 225th Street
 Rick Zimmermann, Sign Technician
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Engineer/Secondary Roads Randy Will County Engineer engineer@webstercountyia.org (515)-574-3730
Engineer/Secondary Roads Jamie Johll Assistant County Engineer jjohll@webstercountyia.org (515)-574-3729
Engineer/Secondary Roads Ryan Weidemann Assistant to County Engineer rweidemann@webstercountyia.org (515)-576-3281
Engineer/Secondary Roads Brian Henderson Assistant to County Engineer bhenderson@webstercountyia.org (515)-576-3281
Engineer/Secondary Roads Angie Schliske Office Manager aschliske@webstercountyia.org (515)-576-3281
Secondary Roads Dale Anderson District 1 Foreman danderson@webstercountyia.org (515)-571-6249
Secondary Roads Dale Iles District 2 Foreman dale.iles@webstercountyia.org (515)-269-2307
Secondary Roads Jesse Becker Maintenance Shop Foreman jbecker@webstercountyia.org (515)-972-4180
Secondary Roads Sonya Nickelson Purchasing Agent snickelson@webstercountyia.org (515)-972-4180