Ronnie Marshall   01/29/19 9:30 am  Lot 2 of Linwood Addition to Fort Dodge Webster County

Midwest Properties  01/24/19  9:30 am   Lot 6 of sargent and Baehrings Subdivision to Blocjk 124 in Town Company Subdivision to Fort Dodge, Webster County, IA

Connie Wilson  01/29/19 10:00 AM  The south 50 feet of the west 116 feet of lot no 2 in block 2 of hawley and merserveys addition to fort dodge, iowa

Ollie Hoque 02/07/2019  10:00 AM  All of lots 3 and 4 Except 10' of Lots 3, Block 35, Original Town of Fort Dodge Iowa 

LAUREL HAGEY  02/25/19 10:00 am  Lot no 7 of Duncombe Subdivision of the west 1/2 of block 131 of twon companys addition to fort dodge 

Barbara Miller  03/05/2019 10:00 am Lot Nos Five 5 and six 6 , all in Block No three (3) Fort Dodge Iowa 

David Chalfant- 03/05/2019 9:30 am  Lot 4, Block 4 of Mineral City Park Addition, Fort Dodge, IA 

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