Wellness Committee Members

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding the Wellness Program or wellness overall; please feel free to contact any of our Wellness Committee members.

Angie Schliske
Erica Loerts
Erin Ford
Ted Vaughn
Jenna Carlson
Mark Campbell
Emma Halligan

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2019 ISAC Wellness Program

Program Structure: Biometric Screening 
70% Employee Participation = 1 point
80% Employee Participation= 2 points
90% Employee Participation= 3 points

The biometric screening will be about 15 mins long, you will need to fast for 10 hours prior to getting more accurate results on the finger poke blood draw, and also you will get your results from the screening immediately. 

                *Biometric results will NOT be shared with Wellmark, ISAC, or the County. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. 

Next, you need to take your biometric screening results to your doctor for a PREVENTATIVE EXAM (so it will be at no cost to you) and also complete the Online Assessment 

60% Employee Completion = 1 point

Participation in 2 Lunch and Learn Programs
60% Employee Participation= 1 point

1 point is equal to a 1% discount. 

Employee Incentives

As an insured employee of the Group Health Program, you may earn up to $100. The incentive can be tracked on the online ISAC wellness portal.

Completion of On-Site Biometric Screening= $25
Completion of taking results to the doctor= $25
Completion of Online Assessment= $25
Participation in the ISAC Lunch and Learn= $15
Participation in a County led Lunch and Learn= $10

Tentative Schedule
Lunch and Learns

Monday May 13th- Stress Buster's presented by Mercy
Tuesday June 11th- Exercise At Your Desk presented by Mercy
Wednesday July 17th- Healthy Eating on the Run presented by Mercy
Thursday August 15th- ISAC Lunch and Learn 
Friday September 13th- TBD

Additional Programs 

ISAC will be offering individuals with higher risk factors additional resources and programs, including:
Balanced Habits
Hy-Vee Nutritionist
Mercy's Wellness for Life Program. 
These programs are also available to all plan members at a reduced cost. 

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